A General Update on Life, Liberty, and Puppies

This is a post specifically meant for my followers; those of you who continue to read this blog to follow along with my life and the consistent misadventures that come along with it.

I have quite a few updates to share with you.

We brought home Peanut the Puppy last Saturday. She is almost nine weeks old at the time of this post.

Separating her from her siblings was incredibly difficult. We were nervous about bringing her home. We’d heard plenty of horror stories about the problems associated with raising a puppy in an apartment.

We got extremely lucky. Not only is Peanut well-behaved and generally quiet, but she practically came housetrained. No newspaper, no crate cleaning, no big issues. As long as we take her out on time, she’s golden.

Peanut is also sweet. She sleeps most of the day. When she’s playful, though, she’s playful. The only issues we’ve faced so far are a knack for biting human flesh with sharp puppy teeth, crying (schnauzer speaking) when we don’t give her our full attention, and chewing up magazines when we aren’t looking. All of these are normal puppy problems – and nothing that’s going to get us kicked out by the neighbors.

It’s really wonderful to know that we can juggle a puppy, four guinea pigs, an apartment, two school careers, and two full-time jobs without losing our minds.

This was Austin’s first full week at his new job. I’m going to attempt to explain it, to the best of my ability.

Austin is an IT Specialist and is in charge of Master Data at Witron in West Lansing. Witron specializes in distribution and warehouse optimization services for a number of large department stores (Kroger, Target, Meijer, etc). In this particular distribution center, Meijer goods are handled.

At first, Austin was asked to be a Machine Operator (although, we thought the term Machine Technician was more on-par with the job description). The next time he spoke with a manager, he was “promoted” to IT Specialist. On his first day, he was “promoted” again to handle Master Data (a position that only 2 in the roughly 100 person staff can claim).  The most recent promotion means Austin will be going to Austria for a week to visit one of the largest Witron facilities in the world. I’ll have him take plenty of pictures so I can share more a bit later.

My career is going really well – even though I don’t get promoted half as much. I have several stable clients and I’m slowly building. It’s difficult being home alone so often, but I have a puppy to enjoy and four guinea pigs to spoil.

I also have a new workspace. I’ll share pictures when we’re done, but Austin and I have been working on the back patio area of our apartment. We got permission from our complex to plant flowers underneath our windows. We also placed solar lights and bought a bench, cushions, outdoor pillows, and a table. I’ve attached a photo of the progress thus far.

Fitting the bench into our four-door sedan was plenty of fun. First, we tried shoving it in the trunk as onlookers watched and shook their heads. Then, we attempted to shove it through the side door upward – to no avail.

Finally, Austin pushed the bench into our backseat upside-down.

I’m just going to say the onlookers were impressed. I’ve added a photo of the tight squeeze. I was pretty amazed myself.

That’s most of the misadventures going on around here. I just started making dinner, Austin is doing homework, the patio is mostly done, and it’s time to settle in for Sunday night. Time to prepare for another crazy week. In the cards for my next update? I’m thinking easy meal ideas for apartment-goers and young adults (ya know, outside of ramen and pizza).

Talk soon!



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