25 Signs You Went to Howell High School

Throwback to Misadventures’ most popular post, made one year ago this summer!

If you didn’t already know, I went to Howell High School before moving out to NYC. So this is something Dawn and I put together. Not meant to be offensive, just funny.

Howell students and alumni, enjoy.

1.) You never went to A lunch if you could avoid it. Ever.

Because having classes with people you hated was bad enough.

2.) You didn’t know what the “Main Four” was and, if you did, you were probably on staff or friends with someone who was.


Serious fail, guys. Our school newspaper rocks.

3.) You hated 90% of the other students in your class.


And they all hated you.

4.) Until Schrock, changing principals every year was like spring cleaning.


It’s normal to change them out annually…right?

5.) Brighton kids were snobs and Howell kids were hicks.


But it’s okay. We played along.

6.) When the Highlander switched to the Warrior, you cried daily.


We still aren’t over it.

7.) The library computers were broken 50% of the time, the internet was down 25% of the time, and 99% of the time you weren’t even supposed to be in the library.


You think we’d learn.

8.) Howell High School is the only school that makes you jealous if you aren’t in one of the Fine Arts programs.


Forget athletics. Everyone is in band, choir, drama, or has a friend who is.

9.) You didn’t know that the commons area wasn’t originally there until someone told you, and even then you didn’t actually believe them.


Howell High also used to be located on Michigan Avenue. Learn your stuff, dude.

10.)  More jokes were made about Parker High School than Howell High School.


And switching it to Parker Middle School (PMS) didn’t help matters.

11.) No one ever listened to the morning announcements.


Who is that annoying person and why won’t they shut up?

12.) Your relationship with HHS was like your relationship with your siblings. You can say as many horrible things about it as you want, but as soon as the whole country hates on it, it’s on.


AKA, don’t call us racist when we aren’t.

13.) The Confederate Flag belt buckle incident. Enough said.


14.)  Senior Pranks were pretty much non-existent until the water balloon fight of 2014.


Thank you brave souls of the Class of 2014.

15.) The “rock” was used for more candlelight vigils, rallies, and advertisements than for actual birthdays and celebrations.


How do other schools survive without one?

16.) You feel like you have a personal vendetta against the Westboro Baptist Church .


And they didn’t even bother to show up to their own protest, so suck on that.

17.)  Drug Searches of 2013-2014. Enough said.


18.) If you didn’t have Mr. Parrish, Mr. Bushey, or Mrs. Malo at some point, you were considered highly deprived.


And you probably were.

19.) You constantly heard things like, “Only at Howell”, “God I hate Howell”, “You can tell I went to Howell when”, but never really understood how Howell was any different than any other public school.


I mean, let’s be honest.

20.)  99% of your classmates were white.


But the ones who weren’t always seemed to be the coolest.

21.) You met your guidance counselor three or four times in the four years that you attended.


Because, you know, gigantic class sizes. Can’t really blame them.

22.) Pep Rallies and Lip Dub videos were either a hit or a miss with you.


There is no “in between”.

23.) The anonymous Twitter pages that popped up in droves made you absolutely insane.


Is there anything else on this feed?

24.)  Friday night Football games were the place to be.


Other Football games might be lame, but ours were the bomb.

25.) But despite all of the horrible things that you and your classmates said, you all really loved the old place. Because, hey, it’s Howell.


An extra note: We made this based on our experiences, and we graduated in 2014! We never expected people who graduated back in the 80’s and 90’s to check us out. Most of these cater to an older audience, but some are specific to our time period. We apologize for that!

Also, we missed so many amazing teachers, as our commenters have pointed out. The biggest though is MR. BUSHEY. He’s the best, and has been added in.