Homeward-Bound: Dates to Save for Family and Friends

22Misadventures is in for more travels this year. For those still in Howell, I finally have my calendar finished up. I’ll be coming home five or six times throughout the school year.

  • October 10th-14th (10 days from now!)
  • November 26th-30th (Thanksgiving)
  • December 19th-January 25th (Christmas Break)
  • March 13th-27th (Spring Break)

And then it’s all over in May.

Oh, and that’s right. I’m going to be home for more than a month for Christmas Break.

NYU has a break between Fall and Spring semesters called J-Term. J-Term (January term) is a bonus term meant for students looking to get extra credits or to advance their studies. Which would usually be something I’d jump at the chance to be a part of, but it also costs extra. The university offers scholarships equivalent to the percentage students already receive for their usual terms, but the couple hundred dollars it would still cost isn’t worth it when I think about spending an entire month with family and friends, especially during my freshman year when I need it the most.

Also. Hot N’ Ready pizzas. I need those. And Crepe Studio. I need that.



J-Term is also good news for Howell High School 😉 I plan on visiting. I have a feeling Haskins and Malo will find something for me to do. Does anybody know if there’s anything important going on during that time period? A choir concert? A band concert?

I’m having withdrawals.

What else do I need to tell you?

I got an A on my first paper! You can read it here, I posted it about a week ago.

Work is also going very well. I got paid for the first time about a week and a half ago, and I get my next paycheck on Friday (saving up for family Christmas presents, and I’m very excited. Eliza, can we go Christmas shopping together again this year?).

In other news, the workers at the grill in Palladium know my order by heart. I knew it was only a matter of time, but still. That’s pretty impressive. It’s only been about a month.


UPDATE: I still can’t find Funyuns anywhere. The dining hall sells Onion Rings. Do you know how disgustingly NOT Funyun-y those are?

ANOTHER UPDATE: I keep buying Cherry Pop-Tarts. I need to stop buying Cherry Pop-Tarts.

ALSO: I’m running out of Friends episodes to watch.

IN ADDITION: This guy on the subway told me I looked like I was from Brooklyn the other night. I told you all. I told you.

Thanks for reading. ❤



Don’t Worry: I’m Still Here

Dear Followers,

With so many new experiences, I find it difficult sometimes to know exactly what to share with my readers.

Sometimes, it’s a moment of weakness, a moment of excitement, or a moment of sorrow. Often, it’s a moment of hilarity, or of adventure.

I guess this is meant to be a moment of confession, if that’s alright with all of you. There are a few things I’ve learned since moving to Manhattan, and I think the conclusions are important to share with you.

I was so excited to move out here. I thought New York City would be the greatest place in the world. And, in many ways, it is one of the most beautiful and rewarding destinations I’ve visited in my lifetime.

But I don’t fit in here the way I hoped I would.

I don’t belong in Manhattan. That much has been made clear to me over the past few weeks. Will I make it through four years of college? Absolutely. I’m not one to quit, and I know my feelings of inadequacy and loneliness will go away in a few more months, or even a few more semesters.

A good challenge is good for anybody. And this city is full of them. I am still as confident as ever that I’ll be able to find a decent job or two from this experience, and that I’ll be able to establish myself as a journalist, though I’m not sure what journalism area I want to be a part of yet.

That being said, I may not belong in Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t belong in the city. I haven’t had the chance to fully explore the other Burroughs (though I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Brooklyn), but it only takes a few minutes of interaction with someone who lives outside of Manhattan for me to feel like New York City and its beauty extends so much father than Times Square and Freedom Tower. I think the real beauty is hiding on the sidelines, and certainly the real history.

I’ve also learned that I will never care about fashion. I wear black mostly, sometimes dark colors, and blue jeans. That  makes up the majority of my wardrobe, next to my jean/leather jackets and my hats. And I like living that way. I never want to be the girl wearing six inch heels walking down Broadway on her way to work. I will never be that girl. Some things change over time, but I know that part of my life will not.

And I’ve learned that I don’t care about fancy food, either. To be honest with you, I don’t care much for the “rich” life at all. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to spend $1600 on a jacket when they could do so much more with that money, when they could do so much good with that money. I can’t understand, though I’ve tried, why people will go to the most expensive restaurants in Manhattan to order something that tastes just as good as a $6 sub from Subway.

This is the majority of my problem, and I’m hoping to surpass it eventually.

It’s hard to live somewhere where the overwhelming majority of the people surrounding you have very different priorities with their paycheck. Mine goes to Christmas presents for my family, and to exploring the city. For many others, the first stop after payday is Urban Outfitters. Or somewhere altogether more expensive. The two of us will never fully understand one another.

For all of the these reasons, I spend a lot of my time alone, exploring, sometimes in Brooklyn and sometimes in Manhattan. And don’t get me wrong, there are parts of Manhattan that I love. Just last night, Juan and I were in Times Square (it was late on a Sunday night), and everything was closed. The surreal feeling of being in Times Square after everything is shut down and there aren’t nearly as many tourists roaming the sidewalks was utterly bizarre. But also liberating. Even the city that never sleeps needs a nap.

That’s the other major issue. I have four classes that I struggle to keep up with, a job that I work at least 12 hours a week, and constant homework. This doesn’t include basic chores around my dorm, laundry, meals, appointments, and the amount of time it takes to walk everywhere. I want to do so many more important things with my time, but when I’m not working, I want to be exploring or sleeping. Though, I suppose that’s what freshman year is all about anyway.

These are just some thoughts that I’ve been having. I’m sharing them with you not because I want you to feel like I’m not having a good time, and please don’t think that, because I am (I’ve met some incredible people, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything), but I share them with you because I haven’t written in a while and I want you to understand where I am right now.

And, for those of you who really couldn’t care less and want to read something lighter, I’ll be posting another Weird People soon, along with a few other things.

Thanks, as always, to my constant readers and followers.

15 Reasons Why Mr. Rod Bushey is the Star of the Howell High School Choral Program

Mr. BusheyIn light of the Howell School Board’s recent unanimous decision to name the high school auditorium the Rod Bushey Performing Arts Center, I decided it was time to compile all of the reasons why Mr. Bushey is a brilliant choral director in a new Howell segment I’m going to call The Teacher Files. Enjoy!



1.) The man has hundreds of students every year, and will still remember your name after a month.



2.) His dedication to school musicals.



3.) “Yo Mama” jokes. Enough said.



4.) Because Friday warm-ups in choir were the best.



5.) Because you can’t have him for two weeks without memorizing the names of his grandchildren.



6.) Because he is the most upbeat person at 6am on a Tuesday morning.



7.) He’s not afraid to listen to his students, even if they disagree.



8.) He knows everyone.



9.) Because a 5 minute conversation can turn into a 30 minute conversation and you don’t even notice.



10.) Because he’s been teaching at Howell longer than you’ve probably been alive.



11.) Because singing “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” was always an oddly rewarding experience.



12.) Choir BBQ’s. How many teachers spend their afternoons making hot dogs for a hundred kids?



13.) Because making him disappointed in you could shut you down for six days.



14.) Because he takes his students out into the community to share their music.



15.) Because no one takes more pride in the Howell High School choral program than Mr. Rod Bushey, and  you love him for it.


Random Experiences & Weird People #3

home aloneVoodoo Dancing Guy 

It started with a bicycle on the side of the street with a sign on it that said, “I’m a poor musician. Please don’t steal my bike.”

It ended with me trying desperately to get from my French class to my English class on time and nearly running into the poor musician in question.

This guy was dancing in the middle of the sidewalk in front of Bobst, with a mask on his face and a doll on his fingers that he had dancing on the sidewalk. I’m 90% sure there was a man next to him playing the electric ukelele.

And, honestly? It was some of the creepiest music I’ve ever heard. In a different world, I’d be asking them to write the soundtrack to one of my novels.

But I had to get to class. So, to avoid walking right through the performance, I had to walk in front of four moving cars and dodge a bicycle.

Yay, New York City.


“There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than Love”

So Juan and I are sitting on a bench at a subway station in Brooklyn waiting for our train, and these teenagers run up from one of the trains that had just arrived. I could just barely hear one of them yelling, “Everything is beautiful! Life is beautiful!”.

Not sure if they were a little tipsy, but I’m telling you, it happened.

Then they got up to where we were. I was trying not to laugh as it was, and then the kid who was yelling turns to us and goes, “You’re beautiful! And you’re beautiful! Love is beautiful!”

I’m not kidding.

Random things like this pretty much make my night.


If Monday Had A Face…

I had just gotten out of my two hour lecture and I was exhausted. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep. And then I walk by this coffee house with a sign out front that says:

“If Monday had a face…I would punch it.”

So yeah, I bought some coffee. Before I went home to take a nap. Don’t judge me. You don’t know me.


Can You Buy Me An Ice Tea?

I think this was Sunday night, but I’m losing track of the days. All I know is I got out of work late, and all of the dining halls were already closed. I decided the easiest option would be to grab McDonalds on the way home.

It took forever to order and, once I finally did, I stepped to the side to wait. And then I’m just about to put my headphones back in when I see someone motioning at me. So I walked over, and he says, “Can you buy me something to drink?”

“Something to drink?”

“Yeah, like an ice tea? Just a small ice tea? Please?”

I was getting weird looks from the people around me, like I was supposed to say no. Of course I said yes.

Ice Teas at McDonalds are $1, people. If you can’t spare $1 to help someone out, you have no business spending $8 on fast food in Manhattan, anyway.

So, to the mean people in McDonalds: 😛

17 Signs That Dorm-Life is Not For You

1.) When people mention the word “social”, you want to crawl under a rock.


Or into a pot.

2.) You have no interest in joining clubs, going to sports games, or attending “spirit-like” activities because, honestly, you have better things to do with your freshly adult life.


It’s okay. We understand.

3.) Um. You have a car. And there’s no way in hell you’re giving that up.


So ha.

4.) You’ve had your own room since you were six and sharing does not appeal to you. And neither does living somewhere 18 billion other people have lived before you.


5.) What do you mean the bathroom isn’t five feet from my door? How will I survive the night?


6.) You like company and all, but only when they’re people you know and they call first. None of this “knocking on my bedroom door” crap. That room is all I have.


7.) Living without your mom’s homemade meals just isn’t worth it.


8.) You’re 18, you love your family, and you like your own bed. Is that a problem?


9.) Walking. Too much walking.


10.) To you, college is to get a degree and that’s it. You’d like to maintain some of the new-found freedom you got after high school.


11.) You don’t like the idea of being coerced into group activities by your roommates.


12.) You don’t want to admit it, but you’ll miss your pets too much.


13.) You live 15 minutes away. Seriously, what’s the point of moving? The drive to your high school took longer than this.


14.) You are not willing to part with any of your worldly possessions in the name of stuffing them in a college dorm room.


15.) Packing. Too much effort.


16.) You just don’t see how it would be beneficial, especially when you’d just go home as much as possible anyway.


17.) You’re a home-dweller. And there’s nothing wrong with that.